Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So far I've only posted soundtracks that I own myself and have ripped myself. This is partly due to the fact that I have a nice selection to work with and I am a bit of a quality nut. In other words if I do the ripping myself I know it has been done properly. However I can't own everything that is ultra cool so today I am presenting something that I found on my internet travels: The soundtrack to the Peter Jackson film BRAINDEAD aka DEAD/ALIVE (1992) with music by Peter Dasent. I recently came across a nice CDRip of this score and I couldn't be happier as this one has eluded me for years.

The CD in question is a German release with catalog code "QDK Media CD 006" and was released back in 1992. Oddly enough I have a few other CD soundtracks on this same German label but was never able to track down this particular CD release by them. They must not have made very many of them.

The download I got was in the APE format which is a lossless format similar to the FLAC format (which is how I always rip my CD discs). As per my usual methods I have created 320kbps CBR MP3 files
which are the highest quality one can make for the MP3 format. No EAC type LOG file nor CUE Sheet file here. I did create a M3U playlist file. I have also included the original scan which is a very high quality JPEG of the CD artwork (digipack packaging). I then created a cover only image (as seen above) plus I embedded this cover only image into each track so that you get a nice thumbnail image on your software/hardware player.

Here is the track listing courtesy of the Soundtrack Collector website:

01. The Stars and Moon (03:31)
by Peter Dasent & Jane Lindsay - performed by Kate Swadling
02. Sumatra 1957 (03:23)
03. Braindead Theme (02:34)
04. Grandmother's Kitchen (01:57)
05. At the Zoo (01:56)
06. The Throb (01:52)
07. Uncle Heinrich (00:54)
08. Funeral Suite (04:35)
09. A Walk in the Park (02:40)
10. Heat of my Thoughts (03:07)
composed & performed by Tony Backhouse
11. The Death of Mum (01:35)
12. 29 Steps to my Baby's Door (But I lose Count at 24) (02:23)
by Fane Flaws & Stephen Hinderwell - performed by Fane Flaws
13. Void's got Guts (01:40)
14. Uncle Les loses the Plot (02:12)
15. Zombie Romance (01:12)
16. The Masport Waltz (00:57)
17. "Come to Mummy, Lionel" (01:02)
18. The Hero gets the Girl (02:21)
19. The Stars and Moon - Extended Version (04:07)

Total Duration: 00:43:58

Here is the RapidShare link ---> CLICK HERE to download

Please note that the file is a compressed RAR file and will need to be decompressed with something like WinRAR or WinZIP etc.

Until next time ... listen until your ear's bleed !!!


  1. Thanks, this soundtrack must be quite a rarity.

  2. This has to be THE Soundtrack blog to end all! Quality and Perfection.Thankyou very much for this one in particular.I've only recently stumbled upon your blog. I'm a music collector myself. If you have want lists or selling lists please message me as i still enjoy a bit of digging and trading.Much appreciated,


  3. you are legendary