Thursday, March 18, 2010

House By The Cemetery & Manhattan Baby

Today I present a CD that was released in 1996 by Graveside Entertainment & Blackest Heart Media (catalog code GSCD003). This single CD has the complete scores to Lucio Fulci's HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY (music by Walter Rizzati) and MANHATTAN BABY (music by Fabio Frizzi). There are also a few extra tracks which are snippets of audio interviews with Catriona MacColl and Sage Stallone plus the audio of the HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY trailer.

As per my usual methods the CD was ripped with EAC to the FLAC format. I then used foobar2000 to create the 320 CBR MP3 version. Both downloads include the EAC made LOG file and CUE Sheet file as well as a M3U play list file. Both include high quality artwork scans.

Track listing:

01. Introduction: Catriona MacColl
02. Quella villa
03. I Remember
04. Tema bambino
05. Blonk Suspense
06. Blonk Monster End
07. Verso il terrore
08. Incontro
09. Tema bambino
10. Blonk Monster
11. Voci dal terrore
12. Chi sta arrivando?
13. Walt Monster End
14. Blonk fascia
15. Verso il terrore
16. Tema bambino
Tracks 2 - 16: House By The Cemetery
17. Commentary: Sage Stallone
18. Baby sequenza 1
19. Baby sequenza 2
20. Baby sequenza 3
21. Baby sequenza 4
Tracks 18 - 21: Manhattan Baby
22. Interview: Catriona MacColl
23. Interview 2: Catriona MacColl
24. House By The Cemetery (Trailer)

Total Time - 01:15:16


The first part is 199MB and the second part is approximately 139MB. The files use 7z compression. I suggest using 7-Zip for extraction. Also note that the files are password protected and that this password is: terrorxpress

As per my usual methods the CD discs were ripped with EAC to the FLAC format and I have included the EAC made LOG files and CUE Sheet files. I also include M3U PlayList files and some Artwork scans.

Until next time ... listen until your ear's bleed !!!


  1. Thanks! Great upload as always.
    One question though: why does this release list "Romano" Rizzati as the composer, as I thought his name was Walter (like you mentioned correctly in your post). Any idea as to why that is?

  2. I have no idea to be honest. I've always found it listed as Walter Rizzati and not Romano Rizzati although inside the booklet (which I did not scan ... sorry) there is an introduction where he is referred to as Walter "Romano" Rizzati.

    I forgot to mention that a few of the tracks are by Alexander Blonksteiner (whose first name is sometimes written Alessandro).

    Which reminds me ... I have a very nice LP Rip that I found on the net for APOCALYPSE DOMANI aka CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE and this score by A. Blonksteiner is very nice so I may post it at some point. It is a very clean LP Rip but alas it is only in MP3 form (such a shame for someone to go through the trouble of converting vinyl to digital and then only make a MP3 of it).

  3. Thanks for the info, I wondered how fans of the genre like BHMedia could get it wrong somehow...

    If I may be so humble as to ask for a request though: BEAT is releasing all the Black Emanuelle soundtracks again, in complete form this time. I grabbed the first one, but "In America" hasn't shown up anywhere. I own the Japanese CD, but the Beat release features a bunch of bonus tracks.


  4. I have a rip of the new BLACK EMANUELLE but I didn't do it and although it seems OK (I did listen to it once) it came with no LOG nor CUE so I have no idea how it was ripped (I got it from the internet).

    Now a good friend of mine has it and has told me he plans on getting them all (I'm not sure of the release schedule and what all is out yet) so when I have the time I will check with him.

    In short I should be able to eventually get EAC CD Rips of them and time permitting I will post them here.

    However I don't visit my friend often and I have to do the rips on his computer while visiting (which takes time) so I have no idea when any of this will get done ... not soon ... but it will happen.


    i miss you, sir.

  6. Thanks, I will be looking forward to the Emanuelle project!


  7. Only had Fabio Frizzi's 'Manhattan Baby' on a crappy 160 rip till now so many thanks for the quality goods, just how many Frizzi soundtracks are out there!?

    I'll add my voice to the chorus and look forward to the Black Emanuelle rips, an absolutely stunning soundtrack and the film is pretty damned cool, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  8. prety cool , been looking for this since i heard this :
    thanks a lot !

  9. It took me a few viewings with some time spaced between them to formulate an opinion on this film. It's a combination of the sublime (stylish scenery and direction, brooding atmosphere) and the awful (script, recycled music score). There's also gallons of gore, some of it effective and some of it hokey.

  10. Well like a lot of horror and exploitation films, it's not a perfect film, but having said that, it is a damn good movie. Yes that kid Bob is annoying as hell (the English dubbing is probably mostly to blame for that) and there are some other "off" stuff but over all it's a kewl film and I love the score!