Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blood For Dracula & Flesh For Frankenstein

Today I present the scores to BLOOD FOR DRACULA (aka Andy Warhol's Dracula) and FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN (aka Andy Warhol's Frankenstein). Both movies were made back to back around 1973/1974 by director Paul Morrissey and both are scored by Claudio Gizzi.

These two films have achieved cult status long ago and thanks to home video (especially the DVD format) they are readily accessible in proper widescreen uncut versions. So there isn't much that I can say that hasn't already been said but the one thing that I want to mention is this: why oh why do the "critics" always point out the Dracula film as the superior of the two? I simply don't understand it myself for it is very clear to me that the Frankenstein film is the superior film. Now don't get me wrong, I love them both, but there is something about the Frankenstein movie that just endears it to me. I think it boils down to the level of excess present in the Frankenstein film. Both movies have it but Frankenstein has more of it. The cinematography is more lush in general, the blood and gore is way over-the-top, Udo Kier's performance of the Baron is simply brilliant with constant wonderful moments that simply can't be matched by his performance of The Count (although the blood vomiting "The blood of these whores is killing me" part in Dracula comes close) and both films have a level of "sleaze" to them but again Frankenstein outdoes Dracula in this regard. So to the critics I say this: you are wrong! Although both are wonderful FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN is clearly the better of the two!

The CD release (seen above) came out in 1993 on the RCA label (catalog code RCA Records OST 119) and although it is a single CD it contains both scores. The music itself is not what you might expect for two outrageously over-the-top films filled with such oddness. Although I enjoy soundtrack music I am no music critic nor do I possess enough study/knowledge of music to be able to describe it well but this is simply put beautiful music. The very first track alone is one of the most sad yet touching pieces of music I've ever heard and captures the mood of BLOOD FOR DRACULA perfectly. It is a crying shame that this CD is now out-of-print.

Starting with this post I will be making both a MP3 version as well as a lossless FLAC version available for download. In the past I have always only done MP3 but I have almost everything I have posted to date in both FLAC and MP3 so today I will do both and slowly over time I will eventually go back to the older postings and add FLAC versions as well for your download pleasure.

As per my usual methods the CD was ripped with EAC to the FLAC format. I then used foobar2000 to create the 320 CBR MP3 version. Both downloads include the EAC made LOG file and CUE Sheet file. Both include high quality artwork scans.

Track listing:

01. Old Age Of Dracula (Main Titles) (03:04)
02. In The Cellars Of The Castle (01:51)
03. Nostalgia (00:46)
04. On The Journey To Italy (00:57)
05. First Victim (00:56)
06. On Journey Again (01:12)
07. An Old Song (03:29)
08. Dracula's Theme (01:00)
09. More Blood (01:01)
10. At The Inn (03:20)
11. Memories Of Rumania (00:56)
12. Dracula Is Unmasked! (02:09)
13. A Regret (01:11)
14. The Vampire Escapes (00:55)
15. The Last Victim (00:50)
16. Pursuit And Death Of Dracula (02:07)
17. Dracula's Theme (End Titles) (01:30)
Tracks 1 -17: Blood For Dracula

18. Main Titles (02:29)
19. Frankenstein's Theme (02:56)
20. In The Fields (01:27)
21. Experiments In Laboratory (02:11)
22. Castle Gardens (01:50)
23. Secret Passage (03:09)
24. The House Of Ill Fame (03:15)
25. A Love Story (01:46)
26. The Creature Sees The Light (02:57)
27. Dinner At The Castle (03:53)
28. The Dream Is Over (01:45)
29. Love And Death (01:17)
30. Frankenstein's Theme (Piano) (01:46)
31. Death Of The Baron (03:42)
32. End Of A Myth (03:18)
Tracks 18 - 32: Flesh For Frankenstein

Total Duration: 01:04:55

DOWNLOAD ---> 320 CBR MP3 from RapidShare

DOWNLOAD ---> Lossless FLAC from MegaUpload

Please note that these files are compressed RAR files and will need to be decompressed with something like WinRAR or WinZIP etc.

Until next time ... listen until your ear's bleed !!!


  1. Thank you soo much for these fantastic releases!
    I´ll be waiting for the other FLAC versions of your releases!

  2. This is one of the best blogs on the Internet, I can't thank you enough for the high quality rips and selection. Is there any chance of getting Fabio Fabrizi's Zombi 2 soundtrack? I'm fiending for the zombie/shark fight scene song. Cheers.

  3. hello sir,

    i believe you should update more.


  4. Just wanted to say thanks for all the good stuff you posted. The audio quality and inclusion of artwork is much appreciated!

  5. I noticed that the track listing for the Flesh for Frankenstein LP soundtrack is different and has some tracks that are not on this version of it. Do you or could you possibly upload (if you can find it) the LP version of the soundtrack?

    1. Main Title Theme
    2. The Baron's Lab/From The Tank
    3. To Be A Monk/Picnic
    4. At The Bordello
    5. The Perfect Nasum/Off With His Head!
    6. The Creation
    Overture From Tannhauser : R.Wagner (arr: C.Gizzi)
    7. The Seduction
    8. SEPARATE!!!/Female Zombie
    9. Catherine And The Manservant
    10. Dinner With The Baron
    11. Pit Stop!
    12. Otto Stalks Nana
    13. Kiss Him! Kiss Him!
    14. Attempted Escape
    15. The Baron's Death
    16. End Title Credits

  6. I noticed the LP version of Flesh For Frankenstein has a different tracklist and has a track that isn't included on this version. Is there any chance you could keep an eye out for this version of the soundtrack? The missing track is the heavy horn theme played in the trailer and also during the creation scene.

  7. Interesting but I don't have the LP ... only the CD. I have a friend that is a huge soundtrack collector and he also has the CD and not the LP so I'm afraid finding it will be a trick.

  8. Surprisingly (for me) nice score. I saw the Frankenstein movie many, many years ago and was blown away by how outrageous it was. It was in 3D and I remember laughing at how malleable it portrayed the human body as being--the idea that one could just reach into a person's abdomen and pull out his or her innards. Then when one of them fell over a grate, and the audience got a 3D view of the guts hanging in their faces! Fantastic. Isn't there some line to the effect that "to achieve life, one must f*@k the gall bladder!"?

    Thanks for sharing.