Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Danger: Diabolik

Today I present a very rare CD to a very rare score. The film is Mario Bava's DANGER: DIABOLIK (1967) and the score is by Ennio Morricone. The CD was released in 2001 (Pallottola Foro OTHR-1968) and while it is a pressed CD it is technically a bootleg and not an officially sanctioned release. In fact this bootleg was subsequently bootlegged by another company. Go figure LOL

In terms of sound quality ... it's not bad but it's not great. Basically the master tapes are supposedly lost (although Morricone has said that if anyone can find them they are welcome to release the score). My understanding is that the score (as presented here) is mostly lifted from the movie itself. This does mean that there are some sound effects etc. mixed in with the music. Despite that the sound quality is pretty decent and the sound effects are minimal. Oh and there are a couple of tracks (at the end) that came from the only official release (a 45 release that came out when the movie did).

In short this is the best that we have and probably will be the best that we ever get ... unless the master tapes are ever found (at least one producer of Italian soundtracks has hinted that he has it although some believe that to be BS ... also some suspect that Morricone himself has the master tapes and is purposefully sitting on it). I suppose time will tell. Thankfully this CD is actually fairly well done and damn enjoyable.

Track List:

01. Deep Down (Main Title English) (03:10)
02. Yes Sir, No Sir (dialogue) (00:23)
03. Charading Chauffeurs in Wait (01:00)
04. Driving Decoys (02:08)
05. Into the Cave (02:53)
06. Diabolik's Hideout (01:52)
07. The Shower (Deep down 2) (01:25)
08. Logical Suggestion (dialogue) (00:25)
09. Money Orgy (02:09)
10. Criminal/Justice Solution (dialogue) (00:44)
11. Headlines (organ freak out 1) (00:33)
12. Valmont's GoGo Pad (03:38)
13. Dumped By Dimockracy (dialogue) (00:41)
14. Eva's Holy Dress (Deep Down 3) (01:33)
15. Diabolik Capture-Conference (dialogue) (00:33)
16. Gunfight at Red Sands (01:33)
17. Eva's sketchy I.D. (dialogue) (01:00)
18. Metamorphosis (Organ Freak out 2) (00:33)
19. Emerald Bikini (Deep Down 4) (01:28)
20. Doctor Vinear's I.D. Prescription (dialogue) (01:11)
21. Downhill Decoy (00:30)
22. Vinear's X-Out Session/Death/Life (dialogue) (02:51)
23. Jenko's Plan Derails (00:33)
24. Guinness's Gold Bar (dialogue) (00:40)
25. Bubbles (Extracting Au from H20) (01:22)
26. Under Wah-Wah (02:51)
27. Now Go!! (00:41)
28. Eva Alone (dialogue) (00:10)
29. The Pyrite Wink (Deep Down 5) (01:57)
30. Last Laff (00:28)
31. Deep Down - Christy (parade 50) (03:03)
32. O.K. Connery - Christy (parade) (03:03)
33. Valmont (underworld don) Philosophies (00:38)
34. Extra Track (03:04)

Total Duration: 00:50:54

320 CBR MP3 from MegaUpload
Download: Lossless FLAC from MegaUpload

As per my usual methods the CD was ripped with EAC to the FLAC format and includes the EAC made LOG file and CUE Sheet file. I also made a M3U PlayList file and provide high quality artwork scans. The MP3 was created from the FLAC files using 'Easy CD-DA Extractor' and includes all the other files as well (the LOG and CUE and M3U and artwork scans).

Until next time ... listen until your ear's bleed !!!

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