Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Un'Ombra Nell'Ombra aka Ring Of Darkness

Today I present the score Un'Ombra Nell'Ombra (1979) aka Ring Of Darkness. The score is by Stelvio Cipriani and the film is by Pier Carpi. The CD was released by Digitmovies (Catalog Code: CDDM052) in 2006. Some of you might appreciate that Claudio Simonetti played keyboards on this score!

I like this score a lot but I've never seen the movie. Apparently it is a rip off of The Exorcist with elements of The Omen and Rosemary's Baby (well at least according to one review that I read).

Track List:

01. Un'Ombra Nell'Ombra (Main Titles) (02:26)
02. Devil Dance (01:22)
03. Four Women for "Him" (02:20)
04. Daria and Carlotta (02:14)
05. The Doll (01:17)
06. Elena & Evil Lessons (02:23)
07. Raffaella (00:58)
08. Daria's Father (02:05)
09. Carlotta and "The Professor" (02:23)
10. Death Rituals (04:05)
11. Almarisa Is Dead & Daria Plays the Piano (02:03)
12. Good Vs. Evil (02:19)
13. A Strange Symbol (02:08)
14. Deathwatch (01:52)
15. Dramatic Decision (03:22)
16. The Hour of Infernal Game Pt. 1 (04:06)
17. The Hour of Infernal Game Pt. 2 (03:08)
18. Final Confrontation (03:14)
19. Evil's Triumph & End Titles (04:13)
20. Deathwatch (unused alternate version #1) (01:51)
21. Good Vs. Evil (unused alternate version) (04:28)
22. Deathwatch (unused alternate version #2) (01:09)

Total Duration: 00:55:26


The first part is 199MB and the second part is approximately 108MB. The files use 7z compression. I suggest using 7-Zip for extraction. Also note that the files are password protected and that this password is: terrorxpress

As per my usual methods the CD discs were ripped with EAC to the FLAC format and I have included the EAC made LOG files and CUE Sheet files. I also include M3U PlayList files and a high quality scan of the CD cover.

Until next time ... listen until your ear's bleed !!!


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  3. Great to see you posting again, some true gems!

  4. This score was also used as the soundtrack to the slasher/giallo PIECES.

  5. thanks for this

    "Exorcist with elements of The Omen and Rosemary's Baby"

    sounds like its gonna have some filthy strings and dirty pianos, looking forward to butchering

  6. Your Blog is what i'd call a goldmine...thanks for sharing all these treasures !

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  7. Franco Micalizzi - Laure Expanded?
    Fabio Frizzi - Beware Of Darkness?
    Carlo Maria Cordio - Misteria?

    big Cheers for the awesome blog! keep it up man!

  8. I have LAURE and BEWARE OF DARKNESS so I'll try to post them when I can. I don't have MISTERIA though.

    1. I can't find BEWARE OF DARKNESS anywhere...

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