Friday, December 23, 2011

Vampyros Lesbos

Today I present the wild and wacky world of Jess Franco. Back in 1995 a German label known as Lucertola made a bit of a splash when they released 3 FILMS BY JESS FRANCO (Lucertola Media LMCD 004). This very limited (only 500 copies) CD proved to be immensely popular. Around this same time Jess Franco's movie VAMPYROS LESBOS (1970) had gotten a nicely remastered VHS release in the UK. This VHS release included not only the movie of course but also a short "video" at the end featuring one of the songs from the movie (The Lions And The Cucumber). Apparently this was released in the UK as a 'single' and did rather well. I think that is when the Lucertola CD came out although I'm not sure if it came out beforehand or not. I'm going by memory here. All I know for sure is that everyone and his brother wanted this CD but there were only 500 copies. Now Lucertola was, as far as I know, a legit label although I believe they are no longer in business and/or no longer releasing new material. However this particular release was considered an "unofficial" or "bootleg" release. As a result more were not forthcoming.

Then another German label called Crippled Dick Hot Wax released their version on LP and CD which they called VAMPYROS LESBOS SEXADELIC DANCE PARTY but alas it did not include ALL of the music heard on the previous Lucertola CD release. However the CD was easy to come by and there was even an official US release by a label called Motel Records (this is the CD that I have and is exactly the same as the Crippled Dick Hot Wax German release). I should point out that in 2006 another release of this came out promising to be "remastered" and supposedly including 3 bonus tracks. I do not have nor have I heard this version with my own ears but the other earlier releases sound pretty darn awesome to my ears so I'm not sure how much better a remastering could make 'em (and I suspect such claims to be marketing hype but I can't say for sure as I don't have this 2006 release).

By the way I should add that VAMPYROS LESBOS finally got a very nice DVD release in the US by Synapse Films and then yet another DVD release later on by Image Entertainment so be sure to check it out!

Lucertola Media LMCD 004 (1995 German CD Release)

Music from the films Vampyros Lesbos, She Killed In Ecstasy & The Devil Came From Akasava. Composed by Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab. Tracks 1-11 performed by The Vampires' Sound Incorporation.

Track List:

01. The Lions And The Cucumber (05:07)
02. Psycho Contact - Part One (01:30)
03. There Is No Satisfaction (03:07)
04. Psycho Contact - Part Two (01:36)
05. The Message (03:19)
06. Psycho Contact - Part Three (01:31)
07. Ghosts Or Good And Bad Onions (04:26)
08. Psycho Contact - Part Four (01:29)
09. Countdown To Nowhere (02:25)
10. Psycho Contact - Part Five (01:22)
11. Droge CX 9 (05:10)
12. Dedicated To Love (02:32)
13. People's Playground - Version A (00:50)
14. We Don't Care (05:21)
15. People's Playground - Version B (01:18)
16. The Ballad Of A Fair Singer (04:22)
17. People's Playground - Version C (01:27)
18. Necronomania (02:08)
19. Kama Sutra (04:00)
20. People's Playground - Version D (01:01)
21. Shindai Lovers (04:19)
22. Konkubination (03:58)
23. People's Playground - Version E (00:50)
24. The Six Wisdoms Of Aspasia (04:18)

Total Duration: 01:07:26

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Motel Records ROOM 01 (1996 USA CD Release)
Composed by Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab. Performed by The Vampires' Sound Incorporation.

Track List:

01. Droge CX 9 (05:11)
02. The Lions and the Cucumber (05:10)
03. There's No Satisfaction (03:10)
04. Dedicated to Love (02:32)
05. People's Playground Version A (00:50)
06. We Don't Care (05:20)
07. People's Playground Version B (01:17)
08. The Ballad of a Fair Singer (04:35)
09. Necronomania (02:09)
10. Kamasutra (04:03)
11. The Message (03:21)
12. Shindai Lovers (04:21)
13. The Six Wisdoms of Aspasia (04:20)
14. Countdown to Nowhere (02:25)

Total Duration: 00:48:44

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The 3 FILMS BY JESS FRANCO is a CD rip that I found on-line. Whoever did it knew what they were doing. It is a proper EAC CD Rip complete with the EAC made LOG file and CUE Sheet file (and came in FLAC format). It also comes with complete CD artwork scans. The MP3 conversion was done using my usual methods and includes all the other files as well (the LOG and CUE and M3U and artwork scans). VAMPYROS LESBOS is my own CD Rip. As per my usual methods the CD was ripped with EAC to the FLAC format and includes the EAC made LOG file and CUE Sheet file. I also made a M3U PlayList file and provide high quality artwork scans (I did the front and back of the CD cover). The MP3 conversion was done using my usual methods and includes all the other files as well (the LOG and CUE and M3U and artwork scans).

Until next time ... listen until your ear's bleed !!!


  1. Totally overrated crap that movie, but still an important collectible for any Genre fan. Of course same applies to the Soundtrack. Thanks a lot FulciLives!

  2. Well the music here is fantastic but you could argue that the movie is not so fantastic ha ha

    Then again it is a Jess Franco film and his films, even his bad films, have a certain charm and appeal to them. I would also argue that this is one of his better films or at the very least above average. It isn't one of his "lesser" films (at least not to me).

    But hey that's the great thing about being a soundtrack collector. You don't have to like the film (or even have seen it) in order to enjoy the music and this music is totally groovy and enjoyable.

  3. I definitely have to check both Soundtracks before I can give a proper resume. And yes, you're right if you say that it's not one of his worst movies and the thing with the very special appeal is also true.

    There was once a great documentation on the German/France TV station arte in their show Tracks about Jesus Franco. Very interesting! Don't know if this is available somewhere.

  4. Thanks for posting, and as always thanks as well for taking special care towards sound quality and artwork scans.

  5. Great to have you back posting nice sounds!
    I own this Lucertola CD: from what I've heard it was a legit company that obtained the rights for their releases. They're gone now but I believe they only made limited editions for a niche market (Cannibal Holocaust: 500, The Films of Jean Rollin: 1000, Solamente Nero: 500,...) and they even released the first DVD edition of the lost Mario Bava film 'Rabid Dogs'.
    Enjoy the holidays!

  6. Yes I used to have their Cannibal Holocaust CD but lost it in a move so I ended up getting the other edition by Coffin Records (which was in print at the time). I also have that DVD of Rabid Dogs that they put out. Anyway they were a legit company but I had always heard that their "3 FILMS BY JESS FRANCO" CD was not official in that it wasn't licensed properly etc. but who knows that could just be a rumor.

  7. megaupload links... :(

  8. I will eventually re-upload this along with everything else but at this point I'm still not sure what file hosting method I want to use. I mean now that MU is gone ... I'm just not sure who to use.

    I'll be back eventually ...