Friday, January 20, 2012

MegaUpload is gone

Well people we have a problem. MegaUpload got shut down. Some of my links were with RapidShare but most were with MegaUpload. This means almost all my links are dead now. I'm not happy about this especially since I had just uploaded a bunch of stuff and was about to post it here for your enjoyment.

Anyway I'm not going to stop but I don't want to post anything new until I get all the old posts working again and that will probably take a while.

Right now I'm not sure where I will be hosting the files. Obviously MegaUpload wasn't the only company offering file sharing services but I don't want to pick the wrong company again (not that anyone could have imagined this happening the way it did). I do have some ideas but if anyone would like to chime in on this then please do so.

The sad news about MegaUpload: CLICK HERE


  1. dont give up we love your blog

  2. Ugh, just awful, isn't it..?

    Is Mediafire worth a go?

    I keep thinking of Kipling's poem "If"...

    "If" you can be stuffed uploading everything all over again and not have a right whinge about it...

  3. I heard rumors that MediaFire may be in the hot seat next. It may be nothing more than rumors but I'll be staying away from them (just in case).

    1. Thanks for everything - this is my favorite blog on the interwebs.

  4. Very sad news indeed! I hope you will hang in there and continue this great blog, as we love your shares and appreciate the fine quality of them.
    I think it's best to wait till this storm blows over, but for now I'm betting on Rapidshare (they survived it once already) and Bayfiles (from the fellas that are behind 'the Bay' which is still holding strong) and Mediafire as well (they aim towards 'professional' users).

  5. Glad you're not giving up, this blog is brill :-)

  6. Mediafire is the best and zippyshare is good too their free and fast