Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hello :)

I got good news. I'm starting to patch up the site and once that is done I will be posting new material. Now when I say "patch up the site" I am talking about re-uploading all past links. This will take some time but it needs to be done.

Please note that I will be making some changes. When I started this blog I posted everything in MP3 although I always posted in the best quality possible to the format (basically 320kbps CBR MP3 using Lame). Later on I decided to start adding Lossless FLAC rips. Well from now on I will ONLY post Lossless FLAC rips. If you want MP3 or some other format you will have to convert it yourself.

Another change is that I will be uploading files using 7z compression. Why not RAR files? Well I've been a fan of Linux for a while and lately I've started using it more and more. At the heart of Linux is the idea of free and open source programs and software. WinRAR is neither. However there is a free open source program called 7-Zip which can compress to a variety of formats, including 7z compression. So moving forward all my files will be 7z compressed files which have been created with this 7-Zip software. The good news is that 7-Zip is available for all major platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. Here is a link:

Please note that file verification is another important aspect of file sharing. I create what is called a MD5 files for all of my uploads. There are ways of checking this to ensure that what you get after downloading is 100% the same as I uploaded. You see errors can occur when uploading/downloading software and so it is always a good way to double check and MD5 seems to be the best and easiest way to do it. There are a variety of ways to create and check MD5 files but for those who are using Windows I suggest getting the program QuickSFV. This program only makes SFV files (which is a different type of checksum file) but it can be used to verify MD5 checksums and once it is installed you simply double click on the MD5 and it will start to check the files. I highly recommend it for Windows users. If you use a Mac or if you use Linux then a simple Google search should give you ideas on how to use MD5 checksums in those Operating Systems. Anyway here is a link for QuickSFV:

That's all that I can think of for now. Once I'm done completely updating the site I'll post again as a reminder that it is all done. I expect this to take a couple of weeks or so. After that it will be new posts with new material.

Don't forget to support me if you like this blog. I have a simple means of donating via Pay Pal and yes it really does and will help me out if you can do that.

Now you'll excuse me but I have a lot of uploading to do ...


  1. Awesome. It's great to have you back and the site running again!


  2. Thank you for your hard work. This is a great resurrection.

  3. Waiting for it :)

    Do you plan to re-upload ALL your files on rapidshare? Dario Argento's opera soundtrack (FLAC versions)is unavailable for example

    Thank you for your absolutely great work !

  4. Yes I am slowly re-uploading everything. I've done a lot but haven't updated the links yet. Soon I'll be done though.

  5. This is beyond awesome! Thank you so much for your respect and honor of the genre! I will be donating after the first, hope it helps out.
    - Chuck Rios

  6. Any luck on re-upping any of the links? Looking forward to the site returning.

  7. All the links need a reup!! Anychance doing that?

  8. I've re-uploaded SOME of the links but not that many. I am doing it much slower than I had expected, sorry about that, but every now and again I'll do 2 or 3 entries then stop for a while then come back and do a few more. It will get done eventually.