Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cannibal Holocaust

Today I bring you the soundtrack to the 1980 Ruggero Deodato film CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST with music by Riz Ortolani. The main theme is mesmerizing in its beauty but of course that is a stark contrast to the "ugliness" of the film in general. Yes it is true that this is perhaps the most disgusting and vile of movies ... or so say some. I think we can all agree that it certainly is controversial if for nothing else than the film's use of real animal violence. As unfortunate as that may be this is a masterpiece of film making. Yes the inclusion of real animal violence is unfortunate but that should not distract us from the fact that this truly is a work of art. This is a complex movie and there is a lot more going on here than its detractors will have you believe. The music itself is at times beautiful as well as eerie. It's an odd mix but works perfectly for the movie and is a unique listening experience.

The CD Rip presented here is the Coffin Records RSR-0184 release from 2005. I originally ripped this using EAC (Exact Audio Copy) to the FLAC audio format then I used foobar2000 to convert the FLAC audio files to MP3 files. I used LAME 3.98.2 with the "-b 320" setting which basically creates a 320kbps CBR MP3 file which is the highest quality MP3 that can be made. I have included the LOG and CUE files from EAC so that you know the ripping was done correctly and of course this facilitates burning back to a standard music CD if you so wish. I also threw in a M3U playlist file.

Also included in the download is a large TIFF image of the cover artwork along with a smaller JPG image (as seen here) plus I embedded the smaller JPG image into each track so that you get a nice thumbnail image on your software/hardware player. Last but not least there were two "CD-ROM" bonus features. One is a MPEG video file of the threatrical trailer. The other is a MPEG video file of an interview with Riz Ortolani (in Italian language with English subtitles). So yes you also get both of these files as well.

Here is the track listing courtesy of the soundtrack collector website:

01. Cannibal Holocaust Main Theme (02:57)
02. Adulteress' Punishment (03:24)
03. Cameramen's Recreation (03:19)
04. Massacre of the Troupe (03:56)
05. Love With Fun (02:58)
06. Crucified Woman (02:23)
07. Relaxing in the Savana (03:29)
08. Savage Rite (03:45)
09. Drinking Coco (03:26)
10. Cannibal Holocaust (End Titles) (03:54)

Total Duration: 00:33:11

Here is the RapidShare link ---> CLICK HERE to download

Please note that the file is a compressed RAR file and will need to be decompressed with something like WinRAR or WinZIP etc.

Until next time ... listen until your ear's bleed !!!


  1. Cannibal Holocaust will always have a place in my heart for the simple reason it scared the living daylights out of me when I saw it at the tender age of 11 or 12.
    In the late seventies/very early eighties here in the UK there was a brief golden period (pre 'video nasty') when the newly emerging video rental shops operated without a ratings license which meant kids like myself could rent the most deranged crazed material imaginable such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Driller Killer/Spit Upon Your Grave but also art-flicks like Salo/Jubilee/The Holy Mountain so for about two years from the age of 11-13 I saw all these films un-cut around my friends house who was one of the first to have a VCR...anyway, I digress but out of all the films we saw (and we hired every film going) it was Cannibal Holocaust that had the most impact and the reason was our tender minds were not very sophisticated and we bought the pseudo-documentary footage line and thought we were watching a 'real' film!
    However, after hearing Ruggero Deodato stood trial as a result of this "documentary" and had to bring some of the actors into court to 'prove' they were still alive, I suddenly felt less stupid!
    Watching the film years later I was struck by the clever juxtaposition of image and music. The soundtrack is indeed exquisitely beautiful and the main theme stays in your head as much as the woman impaled on the stick (or as Deodato revealed, a bicycle seat!).

  2. great great great movie!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    beautiful soundtrack by ortolani

    nice review