Friday, May 8, 2009

SUSPIRIA - Once You've Seen It You Will Never Again Feel Safe In The Dark

Italian horror movie director Dario Argento has made many excellent films but most would say that SUSPIRIA is his masterpiece. Although my favorite Argento film is PROFONDO ROSSO (aka DEEP RED) I must concur that SUSPIRIA is a masterpiece unlike any other and the score by GOBLIN is no exception here as it is their crown jewel in an otherwise amazing body of work (most of which is soundtrack music for other Dario Argento films).

So today I present you with Goblin's Suspiria soundtrack ... or should I say soundtracks! You see I have three different versions of this amazingly scary score and each is somewhat unique so I've decided to post all three for your enjoyment.

SUSPIRIA Soundtrack #1
The first post here is for the 1993 Japanese CD release which came out on the King Records label (catalog code KICP-2721). This is actually the shortest of the three versions as it only has the score "proper" as it was originally released i.e., a total of 8 tracks. I almost didn't include this but some feel that this particular CD has the best sound quality of all ... no doubt in due to the overly anal nature of the Japanese (and god bless 'em for it).

Here is the track listing courtesy of the soundtrack collector website:

01. Suspiria (05:57)
02. Witch (03:10)
03. Opening To The Sighs (00:32)
04. Sighs (05:15)
05. Markos (04:03)
06. Black Forest (06:06)
07. Blind Concert (06:11)
08. Death Valzer (01:51)

Total Duration: 00:33:05

Here is the RapidShare link ---> Download the King Records release

SUSPIRIA Soundtrack #2
The second post here is for the 1997 Italian CD release which came out on the Cinevox label (catalog code CD-MDF 305). This has the same first 8 tracks as the Japanese CD release but then there are 4 additional "bonus" tracks for 12 tracks in total. If you get only one of the three then this is the one to get! This is the actually the version I listen to whenever I listen to this soundtrack. To my ears the quality is as good as the Japanese release plus you get more music.

Here is the track listing courtesy of the soundtrack collector website:

01. Suspiria (06:00)
02. Witch (03:07)
03. Opening To the Sighs (00:25)
04. Sighs (05:10)
05. Markos (04:00)
06. Black Forest (06:00)
07. Blind Concert (06:30)
08. Death Valzer (01:50)
09. Suspiria (Celesta And Bells) (01:30)
10. Suspiria (Narration) (01:46)
11. Suspiria (Intro) (00:30)
12. Markos (Alternate Version) (04:10)

Total Duration: 00:40:58

Here is the RapidShare link ---> Download the Cinevox release

SUSPIRIA Soundtrack #3
The third post here is for the 2001 Anchor Bay Entertainment CD release. When ABE released SUSPIRIA they did so in at least 2 if not 3 different packages (I forget now ... sue me). One of the packages was billed as a Limited Edition. The Limited Edition included 2 DVD discs (one with the movie and extras and the other with even more extras). There was also a 3rd disc in the package and that was a standard audio CD of the score. This version of the score also starts off with the same 8 tracks as per the Japanese and Cinevox release. However like the Cinevox released there are additional "bonus" track. Here is where things get complicated and why I wanted to post both this and the Cinevox release. The Cinevox release as 4 bonus tracks or 12 in total. The ABE release has 3 bonus tracks or 11 in total. However the additional tracks do not really match up. They are slightly different. In fact the ABE version, although 1 track shorter than the Cinevox version, is in fact longer than the Cinevox version! Thus the Cinevox and ABE versions are both unique and for the FULL experience you should probably snag both of 'em.

Here is the track listing courtesy of the soundtrack collector website:

01. Suspiria (06:03)
02. Witch (03:14)
03. Opening to the Sighs (00:34)
04. Sighs (05:18)
05. Markos (04:07)
06. Black Forest (06:06)
07. Blind Concert (06:18)
08. Death Valzer (01:53)
09. Suspiria (Celesta and Bells) (01:50)
10. Suspiria (Narration) (04:12)
11. Suspiria (Intro) (05:05)

Total Duration: 00:44:40

Here is the RapidShare link ---> Download the ABE release

All of the SUSPIRIA CD rips
presented here were originally ripped using EAC (Exact Audio Copy) to the FLAC audio format then I used foobar2000 to convert the FLAC audio files to MP3 files. I used LAME 3.98.2 with the "-b 320" setting which basically creates a 320kbps CBR MP3 file which is the highest quality MP3 that can be made. I have included the LOG and CUE files from EAC so that you know the ripping was done correctly and of course this facilitates burning back to a standard music CD if you so wish. I also threw in a M3U playlist file.

I have also included high quality TIFF images of the CD covers although in the case of the ABE release I made a custom cover from artwork included in the booklet that accompanies the release as the CD simply came in the DVD package with no real artwork unlike a standard jewel case type release.

Remember that there are three different download links and each is for THAT version and THAT version alone. Please feel free to download all three to add to your collection.

Until next time ... listen until your ear's bleed !!!


  1. Dude... you fucking rule !

    I hope you know that !

  2. Its weird, the rip I have of the Susperia 2001 Anchor Bay Entertainment CD release has different names and orders for the extra tracks:

    The three extra tracks you listed for the ABE release:

    09 Suspiria (Celesta and Bells) (01:50)
    10 Suspiria (Narration) (04:12)
    11 Suspiria (Intro) (05:05)

    The three extra tracks on the rip of the CD I have and on the Discogs release information are:

    09 Goblin - Suspiria (Narration) 1:50
    10 Goblin - Markos (Alternate Version) 4:12
    11 Daemonia - Suspiria (Daemonia Version)5:05

    I am pretty sure Soundtrack Collector screwed up because the times are exactly the same for all three tracks.

    Track nine is definitely the narration track at 1:50 and not the voiceless "Celesta & Bells" track; track ten is definitely a remix of the 'Markos' track and not the "narration" track while track 11 is definitely the Simonetti 'Daemonia' group's version of Suspiria and not the "intro" track.

    If you take the 2001 Anchor Bay Entertainment CD I have and the Discogs info for it then this is how the extra tracks play out for both the 2001 release and the 1997 Cinevox label CD-MDF 305 version of Suspiria:

    Extra tracks which feature on both versions of the Suspiria soundtrack:

    1) Suspiria (Narration) with time readings of 1:50 & 1:46 respectively.

    2) Markos (Alternate Version) with time readings of 4:10 & 4:12 respectively

    Individual tracks on each release:

    2001 Anchor Bay Entertainment CD:
    Daemonia - Suspiria (Daemonia Version)5:05

    1997 Cinevox label CD-MDF 305:
    Suspiria (Celesta And Bells) (01:30)
    Suspiria (Intro) (00:30)

    So essentially to have all the tracks from all three releases as it were simply take the Daemonia cover of Suspiria track from the 2001 ABE release and add it to the Cinevox label CD-MDF 305 version of the Suspiria soundtrack.

    OK, just to go into hyper-collector mode, there is one other track which surfaces on the 2007 Cinevox CD MDF 615 reissue which features an extra track not on any of the previous releases and this is an alternate take of 'Markos'. I have not heard it myself so I do not know whether this is an alternate take of the original track as featured on the original Suspiria 1977 release or if its an alternate take of the 'alternative version' of 'Markos' which first surfaces on the 1997 Cinevox reissue and again later on the 2001 Anchor Bay Entertainment.

    There is even a Cinevox vinyl reissue of the Suspiria soundtrack from this year featuring the cardboard fold out "3-D" Goblin figure...If you include this version, Suspiria has been released in a variety of forms nine different times in the last 33 years!

    So if anyone has the extra 2007 'Markos' alternate take track this will rank as the most complete Suspiria post on the entire interweb highway thing.

  3. Well it looks like you are correct in regards to your comments about the ABE release of the SUSPIRIA soundtrack.

    The track listing provided by Soundtrack Collector is indeed wrong whereas the track listing provided by discogs is correct. When I ripped this with EAC it automatically found the track names which do correspond with the discogs (correct) listing. However I didn't notice that the Soundtrack Collector listing was incorrect. Most likely due to the fact that I tend to listen to the 1997 Cinevox release when listening to this soundtrack (or score I should say).

    I'll have to update the post and while doing so I'll add lossless FLAC links for all three versions (sorry but I don't have the newer 2007 Cinevox release ... maybe I'll pick it up one of these days).

  4. Hi,
    sorry to dig up the thread after some time,
    you're quite impressing having all the versions of the soundtrack,
    and it would be really great if you could post the flac link with all the EAC goodies you've talked about.
    So i hope you will do the lossless version.
    Keep on going so!

  5. I sort of put things on hold here since MegaUpload went down ... that took all of my FLAC links with it. Also by now most if not all of the RapidShare links are dead.

    I don't mind re-uploading everything but after MU went down I had no idea how to go about it.

    Now that some time has passed I have a some ideas and hopefully some day soon here I'll get around to re-uploading and updating the site.

    So thanks for posting ... you've made me think about how it has been too long now and that I need to get my ass in gear LOL