Monday, May 11, 2009

The Horror Of Lucio Fulci

Today I present you with with a CD called LUCIO FULCI'S HORROR & THRILLER which was released by Beat Records (catalog code CDCR 21) in 1993. This is a compilation of music from various films by Italian film director Lucio Fulci. The musical selections here include material from "A Lizard In A Woman's Skin", "New York Ripper", "House By The Cemetery", "Manhattan Baby", "The Beyond", "Demonia" and "Door To Silence" along with a special recorded message by Lucio Fulci himself (both in Italian then again in English).

I originally ripped this using EAC (Exact Audio Copy) to the FLAC audio format then I used foobar2000 to convert the FLAC audio files to MP3 files. I used LAME 3.98.2 with the "-b 320" setting which basically creates a 320kbps CBR MP3 file which is the highest quality MP3 that can be made. I have included the LOG and CUE files from EAC so that you know the ripping was done correctly and of course this facilitates burning back to a standard music CD if you so wish. I also threw in a M3U playlist file.

Also included in the download are high quality TIFF images of the CD artwork along with smaller JPG images (as seen here) plus I embedded the smaller JPG image of the CD cover into each track so that you get a nice thumbnail image on your software/hardware player.

Here is the track listing courtesy of soundtrack collector website:

01. La lucertola (06:28)
02. Sole sulla pelle (04:19)
03. Magia nera (02:41)
04. Sfinge (04:36)
Tracks 1 - 4: Ennio Morricone - Una lucertola con la pelle di donna
05. Fay (03:34)
06. New York One More Day (02:49)
07. Suspence And Murder (02:46)
08. New York One More Day (II Version) (02:58)
Tracks 5 - 8: Francesco De Masi - Lo squartatore di New York
09. Quella villa (02:56)
10. Tema bambino (01:52)
Tracks 9 - 10: Walter Rizzati - Quella villa accanto al cimitero
11. Baby Sequence 1 (04:44)
12. Baby Sequence 2 (02:42)
Tracks 11 -12: Fabio Frizzi - Manhattan Baby
13. Voci dal nulla (04:23)
14. Verso l'ignoto (03:21)
Tracks 13 - 14: Fabio Frizzi - E tu vivrai nel terrore! L'aldila
15. Hell Flames (02:08)
16. The Nun Crypt (03:08)
17. The Blue Mountain (01:53)
18. The Revelation (01:46)
19. World's Navel (02:11)
20. Farewell To Dread (02:02)
Tracks 15 - 20: Giovanni Cristiani - Demonia
21. Melvin's Theme (01:44)
22. Love And Death (01:02)
23. Running (01:15)
24. Unknown (02:30)
25. Dark (02:30)
26. Leave A Message (00:55)
27. Bechet (00:46)
28. Magician (02:57)
Tracks 21 - 28: Franco Piana - Door To Silence
29. The Nun Crypt (Including Lucio's Message To His Fans) (01:21)

Total Duration: 01:18:17

Here is the RapidShare link ---> CLICK HERE to download

Please note that the file is a compressed RAR file and will need to be decompressed with something like WinRAR or WinZIP etc.

Until next time ... listen until your ear's bleed !!!


  1. What a great collection of goodies, thanks for the post. Fulci Lives!

  2. Usually I don't really go for compilations which take a few songs from various soundtracks but from the first moment I heard this album back in the mid-nineties when a friend taped me a copy. I was blown away with how much it flows and underneath all the different tracks there is a strange current of connectivity as though Lucio Fulci transmitted a certain quality to the various individual composers.
    I have been hunting for a copy of the CD for ages and while I found a 192 rip a couple of years ago, this version blows it out of the water quality wise; its great to hear these tracks with such clarity, many thanks for this.